metamove philosophy

Helping you achieve your goals is our greatest motivation. Would you like to reduce your back pain, release body blockages, improve movement patterns, increase muscle strength, improve coordination, prevent injuries, shape your body or relax? Then you've come to the right place - with the support of metamove you too can achieve your personal goals.

Body and mind

metamove = transformation through movement meta stands for metamorphosis (Greek for transformation) and move for movement. The human body is naturally perfect. It can become imbalanced over time for a variety of reasons. metamove brings you back into balance.

The metamove method

The metamove method is based on the possibility of combining our offers. Possible combinations: Massage, pain therapy, traditional thai massage (dissolve pain / body blockages - treatments over clothing), fascia / strength training, individual training (personal training) or group training. This will strengthen your entire body, reduce pain / body blockages and make you feel full of energy again.

Our team

We speak English, German, Spanish.

  • Angelica

    Your Feel Good Coach for all our massages. Angelica is a very experienced massage therapist in medical, classical and therapeutic thai massage. A massage from Angelica is a pure blessing and allows you to really regenerate when you are tired, tense, have insomnia or other symptoms.

  • Andreas

    Your Feel Good Coach for pain therapy, thai massage and trainings. Andreas is a personal trainer, pain and movement therapist after Liebscher & Bracht and traditonal thai masseur. With a lot of experience and passion, Andreas leads you to your personal goal.

metamove studio

Luxury massage table for most massage offers and the pain therapy.

Floor mat for the traditional thai massage.

The traditional thai massage is given over the clothing. Please bring comfortable clothing.

Personal Training - 30 or 60 minutes.

The individual trainings are created for your personal needs.

Aerial Yoga

Nestled in the soft fabric you experience complete weightlessness. Aerial yoga is like flying, only better.

Total body workout completely different. Aerial yoga increases your strength, endurance, flexibility, sense of balance, coordination and at the same time gives you a weightless type of relaxation.

TRX Suspension Training

The TRX sling training - also known as suspension training - is a highly effective full-body workout in which you use your own body weight as training resistance.

TRX functional training improves your strength, endurance, speed, mobility, coordination and stability of your entire core muscles.

TRX RIP Training

TRX RIP Trainer is a weighted bar and bungee system.

Improves balance, builds rotational strength, increases endurance and strengthens the core.

Yoga Wheel

Improves your overall balance as well as your flexibility and strengthens your entire musculature.

Trimilin Mini-Trampolin training gives you the following benefits:

Stabilizes your ankle, knee and hip joints

Rebuilds your muscles after surgery

Stimulates your lymph circulation

Strengthens your blood and heart circulation

Prevents osteoporosis and arthrosis

Gentle movement impulses for your joints and back

Athletic jump training for ADHD

fall prevention

Development of motor skills after stroke

Professional massage chair for a relaxing chair massage. (Back, neck, shoulders, arms and head - if desired).

The chair massage is given over the clothing.

Your body weight is distributed over the lower legs and buttocks. This special sitting position stretches the back comfortably.